I believe great design is about process over deliverables, and craft over tools. Great designers elegantly balance critical and creative thinking, and are curious investigators, courageous explorers, and empathetic facilitators. 


What it's like to work with me...

I am driven, passionate, highly collaborative, and fiercely empathetic, and I love tackling messy human problems with other humans. I also love sharing my passion for my work with my community. The talks below demonstrate my approach and my love for this work more than any traditional portfolio piece could ever do. 

(I have a new talk coming up! Check back for details on my next talk at Midwest UX 2018 in Chicago in October.)

I originally gave this talk at the Midwest UX conference in October of 2017, and have since given the talk at World IA Day 2018 in NYC and the 2018 IA Summit in Chicago – and it is on deck for three more conferences this year. 

Why Do We All Suck at Collaboration?

Creating a culture of collaboration

In this talk, I explore the most common challenges of collaborative work, and discuss simple but powerful ways teams can tackle those challenges together: practical methods you can use to override unhealthy patterns, align on goals, and start designing a culture that nurtures robust collaboration

Taming the Enterprise: Redesigning the Culture of Enterprise Software

In this talk, I share the messes, the frustrations, the disasters, and the many, many mistakes of our team of misfit UX heroes. I discuss all the great best practices that simply didn’t work, all the innovative ideas that completely flopped, the WTF moments, and how we finally turned the user-centered design process in on ourselves in an attempt to slay some dragons and finally tame the enterprise.

I originally gave this talk at the Midwest UX conference in October of 2016, and gave a repeat performance at the 2017 IA Summit in Vancouver. 


Don’t worry, I don’t just talk the talk, I walk the walk. I’ve chosen a few key projects that demonstrate how my process works in action.

(hey. check back here soon. I’m in the process of adding more projects as we speak)



Enterprise Design System

Designing a better design system