Hi. I'm Karen.
I help complex, messy humans solve complex, messy problems.

I recently did the math and realized that I have been working “in the enterprise” for…a very, very long time. (Let’s just say I was a prodigy and started my career very early, ok?)

This background has given me the opportunity to work with customers in an extremely broad range of industries, from aerospace to healthcare to retail and many more. I’ve spent countless hours researching, exploring, and designing technical solutions for wickedly complex business challenges. What I’ve observed, over and over again, is that the success of technical solutions (no matter how well designed) is always limited by the human side of the business. While each organization’s business challenges have been delightfully unique, their human challenges have been remarkably similar

Which means it isn’t enough to solve the technical problems, or the business problems. You have to solve the human problems as well. I now use my skills as a UX practitioner, researcher, information architect, facilitator, teacher, amateur therapist, and just all-around people watcher and put them to use to help teams design better products, better services, better ways of relating, better ways of collaborating, better ways of working. I help teams identify road blocks and barriers to their potential, and help them become more productive, more innovative, more collaborative, and most importantly, more human with each other.

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